A Frank Black fan speaks out!


Millennium was and still is one of my favorite series of all times. I was devastated when Fox took it off the air to the point I emailed them with my displeasure! Thank goodness the Chiller network brought it back and I've been able to watch every episode again.

I've never had such a dark show impact me in such a positive way. The show was and still is light years ahead of its time. Give Lance his long over due credit as an actor and Frank Black the credit he deserved as a character and put this show back on TV and/or as a movie as the ending of the series was just the beginning in my opinion of what was going to be a great series for many years.

Thank you so much for your efforts to bring back Millennium. If everyone contributes just a simple email we can make this a reality for all passionate Millennium fans like myself. In a tough economic and world climate like this anything that takes us away from reality for just a few moments to collect our thoughts is a welcome diversion.

Good luck and bring back Millennium!


- Todd F"

Thanks to Todd for kindly letting us publish his e-mail.

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