Stand Up And Be Counted!

It is always a pleasure when we receive word from fans of Millennium and from those who support our campaign. It is important to us to know that there are countless individuals out there who share our own passion for 'Frank Black' and 'Millennium'. Occasionally we will share with you some of the correspondence we receive, rest assured though we won't blog any of the mail we get without seeking the author's permission first. That said, if you wish to send us your thoughts on Millennium or points of interest regarding the campaign, please do. We read everything we receive and will respond to everyone as time permits. Here are the thoughts of a fellow fan of the franchise....

I've been a fan of 'Millennium' since the pilot episode aired in 1996. At first I just thought the show was 'cool' and different. I was a big fan right up until it was cancelled. In 1999 Fox started re-running the show from the beginning. I used to stay up late and videotaped each episode. I became fascinated with the show even further and gained a deeper appreciation for it.

For years all I had were those terrible, grainy VHS tapes. I watched them so many times they fell apart. Thank goodness for DVD's!

Fast forward several years and here I was, I had been married, became a father, I was divorced and my view of the world had changed considerably. All of a sudden 'Millennium' took on a much deeper meaning for me. Something happens to you when you become a parent. You see the world differently. For me, 'Millennium' got even better. I understood the family dynamic, I understood Frank's love and his loss. I understood the importance of being descent and doing the right thing. I understood him better than I could have before.

Never before has a television show moved, or engrossed me so much. Since 'Millennium' we have been subjected to the likes of 'CSI', 'The Profiler' and a miriad of other copy cat style shows. None of which can hold a candle to the acting, writing and atmosphere of the one true original, 'Millennium'.

The character of Frank Black (played brilliantly by Lance Henriksen) had a depth, an emotion, a believability the likes of which haven't been seen since. The dialog was crisp and real and the viewer believed every word he said. Unlike today's television shows where you have bad acting, egos and corny dialog, and such tissue thin stories and character development they are laughable by comparison.

Today's television is merely style over substance. 'Millennium' had both.

It truly was the best television show ever. Many pretenders have come and gone but there will only ever be one 'Millennium' and one Frank Black.

The show influenced me more than I ever thought possible. I've learned a lot from Frank Black. Here's to hoping that Frank comes back, one last time.

Please continue to share with us your thoughts and feelings and keep a close eye on our efforts in the new year for more exclusive interviews, competitions and campaign developments. Till then, may we thank you all for the support you have shown us thus far and wish you a very happy New Year!

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