Dear Supporters,

The team at are proud to have the opportunity to bring to your attention our forthcoming appearance in a popular British magazine devoted to all things science fiction and genre. Written by fans for fans, SciFiNow is a sophisticated, accessible, fresh and authoritative look at science fiction, fantasy, horror and cult television. Offering in-depth coverage of every aspect of sci-fi, the magazine breaks new ground with its cutting-edge approach to features, reviews and news. As relevant to those who grew up under the influence of Glen Larson as it is to those who only know the genre through JJ Abrams, the magazine also includes a unique retro ‘Timewarp’ section offering unprecedented access to the classic shows and films that made sci-fi what it is.

Our campaign to return 'Frank Black' to duty will be gracing the pages of their 24th issue which should be available from all good retailers at the end of January. To keep abreast of the issue's release or to purchase the magazine online, click here!


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