Dear friends,

Imagine our surprise, and a most pleasant surprise it was, when we discovered one of our supporters had written to Frank Spotnitz to espouse his support of the campaign and his love of Millennium. As you may know, we have written to Frank Spotnitz in the past and have been touched that he has responded to our campaign with such warmth and openness. So, allow us to take this opportunity to thank Diego for such a considered and supportive resume of his feelings and to thank Frank Spotnitz for once again giving this campaign a most vital and welcome platform. Allow me to share a few words from Diego's thoughtful message but I urge you all to enjoy the full entry here!

Of course I know you are more than aware of our campaign, so this is not a request of any kind. I just needed to comment that, by now, from seeing the response the campaign has been getting, I am really starting to feel that if a new chapter in Frank Black's life never comes to be, it would be the greatest shame in the world. Not only in the world of television and art (for "Millennium" is Art with a capital A), but most importantly in the real, present world. Frank Black's story has such power to change people's lives for the better, to bring hope in the darkest of times, to nurture thought, to inspire the best in each of us.

It is you, the fans, that are the quintessential driving force behind the campaign. It is your passion, your devotion and your enthusiasm that has shaped this campaign and allowed it to evolve into, what has been described by many as the most professional and impressive fan campaign they have witnessed.

Wherever you find yourselves today and in the future, take a little time to ethically and politely share your love of Frank Black and your support of this campaign. In those distant days when we first began I recall Frank Spotnitz himself stated that for a Movie to happen fans needed to make a lot of noise.

You have raised your voices, those that matter are hearing us, let's turn the volume up and shout a little more.


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