BacktoFrankBlack - website updates!

It's a wonderful, bleakless sunny day outside my window. Far more Yellow House than Dark Cellar.

A few website updates!

  • Our final part of the BacktoFrankBlack/Lance Henriksen interview is now on the website. This interview was posted here on the newsreel/blog a few weeks back and now has a permanent home in our interview section. Our interview with the wonderful Averie Maddox has also been moved there. Our interview section is a great repository of insight for fans of Millennium with facts and opinions straight from the mouths of the cast and crew.
  • While we're on the subject, don't forget our competition to win one of two copies of The Complete X-Files: A Guide to the Myth and the Movies. We have a DVD copy of Millennium Apocalypse as a runners up prize!
  • We are also prepping for German translations. We've had our new German translator sending us a few pages. We're preparing to code them and hoist them onto the site as soon as possible.
  • And keep an eye out on this newsreels margin - thriller author MR Sellars is now listed as one of our official affiliates. Watch his blog or follow his twitter or ours!

Finally, spoke to Lance recently. As always his good will and appreciation was offered on behalf of those working so hard to bring back the show. If you read this blog, access the website or simply just spread our message, his gratitude goes out to you - as does ours.



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Randal Graves said... March 29, 2009 at 9:23 AM

Hard to believe that the idea of a Millennium flick a mere few years ago would elicit nothing but chuckles, but even a cynic like myself can really see this happening sooner rather than later, thanks to the hard work of you all (and the creators and Lance, of course!) here.

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