BacktoFrankBlack: Millennium Group Sessions - PODCAST coming soon!

An early heads up on a new feature coming soon...

BacktoFrankBlack: Millennium Group Sessions is a podcast run exclusively by BacktoFrankBlack. We've been chatting and musing as to doing a podcast since last year, but after podcast early last week, we found the right man to steer the ship and navigate us through the audiophonic eddies of digital broadcasting.

Troy Foreman's confident and commanding tones will be the host of the show. Troy's a big Millennium fan and for those who didn't catch podcast (shame on you, click the link, download podcast #55 and switch on your humiliated ears) was once a campaigner for the ill-fated (but much loved) TV show Brimstone. His campaign was successful enough to get Sci-Fi to pick up the episodes already produced. I personally couldn't think of a better ally for this all new BacktoFrankBlack podcast.

Myself, Jim of the clan McLean will also be present. Troy will be on hand to help translate my Britty linguistics that might trip off my tongue as I deal out the latest information as to the campaign. I'll be there to prompt suggestions as to how you, the soon-to-be dear listeners, can help us help you help Millennium.

That being said, we're not wanting this podcast to be a dry info-burst of promotional news and campaign requests. Each podcast will be at the very least, a themed informal chat about an aspect of Millennium, and at best - if we can - we'll see if we can get some guests on the show to speak to you all. Early days, we'll see what we can muster.

So stay tuned. Any ideas, advise or comments about the show, send them to We'd love to hear your ideas.

We hope this will a chance for the campaign to talk about its favourite show as well as promote and encourage its return. More info as it comes - but I will say we're hoping to record the first episode very soon and provisionally, it will be themed around the pilot episode. So any comments you have on the pilot episode email me them to me and we might discuss them on the podcast.

We will provide podcast links here, but we will make sure its also on ITunes for easy subscribing.

Jim M

Update: We'll record next weekend - so any comments or ideas, send them to us for the first episode before Sunday!

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