Ever googled yourself? Go on, be honest, you're amongst friends but seriously, it is something I do occasionally to see how far and wide we are reaching as a campaign and let me assure you that far and wide is exactly where we are to be found. Since beginning this campaign we have little free time for browsing these days so we hope you will give us the benefit of the doubt if we take a while to notice your efforts and thank you accordingly.

Imagine my delight when I happened upon the following comments written by the Blogmaster of Tha Darkside Vibe.

While searching for some information on Millennium, I came across the website for I was blown away by the campaign, the organization and the amount of passion the people behind the site had as well as the fans who visit the site. Although the fire for Millennium had never gone out completely, this reignited the fire for the show and made me want to get back on the campaign trail for this show. Rarely do shows on television get a second chance, but I think that Millennium will get a second chance. Whether it be a tv movie or a straight to dvd release, the fans deserve some sort of closure with Frank Black.
We are truly indebted and honoured to regularly come across sentiments such as these from the countless individuals who support us. Busy as we are, we don't always find the time to Blog our thanks and appreciation of you all but rest assured, not a moment goes by where we don't attempt to advance this campaign still further or appreciate all you guys who are integral to our efforts.

If you have a Blog and are considering writing something about your own admiration of Millennium don't hesitate to send us word, we can thank and plug your efforts much sooner if you do. Once again, thanks to the blogmaster of Tha Darkside Vibe and to everyone else for your continued support and praise of us, to read the entry in full click here!

Keep you eyes peeled shortly for some exciting news about how you can support the continuing career of Lance Henriksen and be sure to check us out tomorrow for yet another exclusive cast interview courtesy of


RSWehman said... April 16, 2009 at 2:56 PM

Good to hear that the campaign is spreading like wildfire. Thanks to Tha Darkside Vibe for the statements about the return of Frank Black. Awesome!

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