Some time ago a merry band of college guys endeavoured to make a thrilling short film with horror, fantasy, action and dark comedy elements. With a central premise focussing on the alliance between a renegade cop and a vampire thrown together to battle terrorists this short film went on to receive a slew of accolades, play a dozen or more festivals and allow director, Dietrich Johnston to put together a package to turn this venture into a full fledged film.

Journey to 2009 and the premise of the movie remains the same but the stakes (no vampiric pun intended) are higher, the cast is bigger and the budget, while still modest, is real. Brad Dourif, Michael Baily Smith and Lance Henricksen round out the cast of genre veterans in this well intentioned buddy cop comedy with horror overtones.

As adoring supporters of all things Lance Henriksen we contacted Dietrich to espouse our interest in his project and our support for it and imagine our delight when Dietrich joined the legion (there goes a pun again) of individuals who have written back to express their love of Millennium and admiration for Lance Henriksen. Not only does he throw his support firmly behind our efforts but he has extended the hand of friendship and promised to keep us updated with the latest behind the scenes news from Blood Shot.

To this end, Dietrich very kindly shared with us a piece of promotional art from the film. The image you are looking at has not seen online before and aside from the production team, the only person to have viewed it is Lance Henriksen himself. Nuff said!

We urge you, nay implore you, to throw your considerable support behind this project, keep visiting us for news of it and make sure you check it out when it is available. Individuals like Dietrich are not only valuable allies to this campaign but have become our friends in the process. Repaying their kindness is the very least we can do.

Oh, and we appreciate your comments as well so don't be shy in giving them!

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RSWehman said... May 13, 2009 at 8:55 AM

I love the promo art. Wow! I am soooo impressed. Can't wait for BLOOD SHOT. Another Lance movie that I will stand in line to get tickets to see, over and over again! It may not be Millennium but This Is Who We Are!

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