The Things They've Told Me - FAN ART!

BackToFrankBlack proudly unveils your very own section of the Blog, yup, that's right, this is the section where you share with us your thoughts, your Millennium passion, your opinions on the campaign, in fact, anything at all to do with the mighty Frank Black and friends.

We are pleased to launch this section with an amazing, and I do mean amazing, piece of fan art from Millennium fan Jokan. When I first saw this I was absolutely blown away, I'm sure you will agree with me this is an absolutely stellar piece of work.

Click the image to open in a new window!

Of course, you don't have to be an accomplished artist to contribute to this blog, not at all, a simple email explaining why you like Millennium so much, and why you want it to come back, is enough to demonstrate the passion that still presides for the show. Don't forget, keep those emails, art work, tattoos, pictures of your polaroids and more besides coming to and we will showcase your work here!

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