Because We Can't Just Sit Back And Hope For A Happy Ending!

Old Redeye is back and that's not to suggest Barry Renshaw has been a little greedy with the sauce but rather to announce the return of the monthly magazine, this time in pdf format, primarily focussing on the indie British comics scene. What can we say, it's quite simply brilliant and is bursting at the seams with news, reviews, features and art and is more than worth the measly £1/$1.50 price of a download.

To BackToFrankBlack campaigners, Barry is no stranger. He created and designed our exclusive merchandise range, is an active member of the Millennium fan community, created the artwork that graces our intro page and continues to plug this campaign with a five, yes five, page spread in this very magazine.

Showing support for the people that in turn support us is vital. Their time, devotion and energy for this campaign swallows their spare time and is done for with nothing asked for in return. Support the supporters is a phrase I'm fond of so do exactly that. £1 of your money will entertain you more than you ever thought it could.

• REDEYE MAGAZINE ISSUE 2.1: 114 pages, colour, PDF format, 82mb direct download. Just £1/$1.50! Download it from

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T.L. Foreman said... August 5, 2009 at 1:36 PM

Excellent job Baz! The comic looks great. Ordered my copy the other day and am really enjoying it. Great job on the spread for BacktoFrankBlack!!

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