Re-up: The Thin White Line Millennium Group Sessions Podcast!

The Thin White Line

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BacktoFrankBlack: Millennium Group Sessions 18: The Thin White Line!

A Millennium Group Panel discussion for The Thin White Line harks episode number 18 of the Millennium Group Sessions. Jim and Troy are joined by the insight of web master William Johnson and Millennium fans Paul Clark and Peter Holmstrom.

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2 Responses to "Re-up: The Thin White Line Millennium Group Sessions Podcast!"

Jósef Karl said... December 22, 2009 at 12:27 PM

Re-comment, still had it in the bin in my e-mail :D I love this "e-mail follow up comments" feature!

Merry Christmas lads!

Kudos to you all, this is the best panel discussion to date, in my opinion. A very lively, engaging and thought provoking discussion. Job well done.

Just a few notes...

What I found was most interesting about Frank Black 20 years younger, was the way he spoke and the way he behaved. "It's a good tip, sir!" I can't place that accent (Southern, comes to mind, but I don't know), but it's so far away from present Frank Black. And he's much more unsure of himself, his skills weren't as honed.

And I do feel this episode ties into Season 2 premiere episode who Morgan and Wong also wrote. The Thin White Line is all about Frank Black doubting himself, he's actually thinking murder is the answer. Catherine says to him that he could not kill Richard Hance no more than her or Jordan. She believes in the goodness in him.

And that "goodness" was blown to smithereens when The Polaroid Man kidnapped Catherine. He was unable to think clearly, this was TOO close to home. And to me, I can understand why she was about to leave Frank, take a break at the end of the episode. This was not the Frank she knew.

While myself disliked seeing them separated, I do understand it much better now.

And I think Millennium is all the better for different views for each season, it would have become stale, me thinks.

Although, I did like that Frank was able to come to his home life after a hard day or case. Sort of like in the excellent show, Medium. I think no other show has been able to do that as well or realistically how couples interact with each other, how they get through arguments and whatnot.

And that pen, it felt to me like a product placement. Why he couldn't draw it with his mouse, is beyond me. How does the program know where it should start drawing from? Now there's your supernatural element!

James, good speech about the writing, all those aspects writers go through. And myself, I never felt there was anything supernatural about the episode, it was clearly in my mind always a glimpse inside of a nutball.

Good night from Iceland!
- Jósef

Sean Stubblefield said... December 22, 2009 at 6:52 PM

this may be my favorite of your sessions so far. i'm glad you put it back up. i listened to this before and after the removal. many great insights & analysis. i agreed with almost everything everyone said... even when you disagreed with each other. even when I ultimately disagreed with someone's interpretation, the points were still valid-- made me re-examine my own ideas about the show. i think one of the many genius elements of Millennium is that each season did have different tone. I wish we could see the thematic approaches other seasons would have developed.

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