Vault of Horror interviews BacktoFrankBlack

Our own Troy Foreman was interviewed by The Vault of Horror. Below is an excerpt of the interview, plus the link to the Vault itself to read more - and puruse its plethora of Horror focused content!

"What has the reception been from FOX thus far? Any interaction?

There has not been an official response from FOX as of yet. We were sending our letters and postcards initially to Michael Broidy of FOX, but after a while, we found out from Frank Spotnitz that he was not the person to send them to. After doing some digging around, we were given the name Steve Asbell, and that is who we are focusing our attention on right now. The people behind XFN (Xfiles News) who are trying to get a 3rd X-Files movie made, were lucky enough to get a meeting with Michael Broidy and during the meeting, he stated that he had been receiving many postcards from fans of the show Millennium. So at least we know they were getting there!"

To read more, follow the link!

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Graham Smith said... December 30, 2009 at 1:56 PM

Excellent interview, go check it out folks! It gives a good perception of how far along the campaign is and features some great questions and answers.

Thanks for the links Troy, much appreciated. Anything that highlights that there is still a community of MM fans out there has to be a good thing!

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