Ezekiel Editorial: News Round-up

First off, we (myself, Troy and Lance) are very encouraged by the interest in our teaser we set at the beginning of the week. From the stats as well as the emails and comments, we think we're onto a good thing. Again, we're still working out the details, but we're hoping good things will come out of this, worthy of the interest we're getting. So thank you for your patience. This is Lance's brainchild we're juggling and its great having the man himself playing such a powerfully proactive force on behalf of BacktoFrankBlack and the fans of Millennium. More when it comes.

Second, a letter to Big Light made a request for Millennium this week to the usual tune of "Has there been any indication that Fox, may decide to approve a Millennium movie?" (it's a tune I like. :)) X-Files 3 was also mentioned. Frank's blog reply was "I’m afraid I have no news about a potential Millennium feature. No news yet on X-Files 3, either, but I’m taking notes!" Always nice to know people are continuing to directly ask that question, and Frank is - as he has said categorically to BacktoFrankBlack, he is very open to doing Millennium once more.

- Morgan and Wong next week, as you could tell from our wondrous little trailer provided by our video editor Josef. We have the Glen Morgan interview lined up, along with a great competition, exclusive guest articles, a DiRT special, M&W video avatar and a look at Morgan & Wong's work across the board.

Special thanks to XFN for keenly supporting their humble sibling with news of this event. It is of course of interest to X-Files fans being Morgan & Wong being such an incredibly relevant part of their mythos. Please show the same courtesy if you have a moment to support their community ventures. They have a lot of great things going on there.

Special thanks got to Big Light again for doing the same and throwing our promo up on their blog. Support from both giants never goes unappreciated.


Seven and One, our regular Fan Interview questionnaire is now archived on the website at the bottom of the interviews page. Seems only fair that the fans get the same page as the cast and crew being as relevant to any revival. Enjoy a trip down memory lane with those. I'll post another up tomorrow perhaps.

Look out for our new video archive. That should be on the site by the end of the month - all things permitting.

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