Opening sequence to "Penitent Man"

Penitent Man, one of Lance Henriksen's upcoming film due for a summer release, is a project very close to the actor's heart. Speak to Lance about Penitent Man and you can see the passion and enthusiasm he has for the film.

As such, we felt a little blogpost dedicated to the film might be quite relevant. Below are two video files, one of which is the trailer released late last year, and the other is the full opening sequence posted by the film's second unit director, Mark McKnight. It's a stunning piece of work in itself (and the strings can't help remind you of Millennium). Enjoy.

The Penitent Man Opening Credits from markmcknight on Vimeo.

Opening Titles


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Graham Smith said... March 18, 2010 at 6:11 AM

I'm really looking forward to seeing and enjoying this film. The music certainly has that Millenniumistic vibe to it but story is intriguing and I love the trailers released so far.

Warmest regards,
Graham Smith

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