Win EXCLUSIVE autographed prizes during Lara Means Week!

As Lara Means week draws closer and the excitement builds, we here at BacktoFrankBlack wanted to let you in on another little nugget of news that I think you all will enjoy. We have talked with Kristen on several occasions the past couple of weeks and she is both touched and surprised at the popularity of her character Lara Means.

As a special thank you, we will be having a special competition during the week and will be giving away a couple of signed items from Kristen herself. Who knows, Glen's signature may appear as well! Remember, ONLY here at BacktoFrankBlack will you have a chance to win these cool signed prizes! Stay tuned!

2 Responses to "Win EXCLUSIVE autographed prizes during Lara Means Week!"

Anonymous said... June 12, 2010 at 2:06 PM

Very excited about this, Lara Means has been my favourite quirky yet troubled character out of all the cult/sci-fi/genre shows Ive watched (and there are many lol), have had her name in an email address since 1997 - the cool thing was very few people got the reference, or knew the character. It was MY thing! Looking forward to seeiing what you guys come up with this week.

RSWehman said... June 13, 2010 at 2:07 PM

Good news...glad I checked in. You've topped yourself!


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