Millennial Group Sessions 27: Top Five Fan Panel Part 1

Millennium Group Sessions returns with a brand new fan panel. This podcast is in two parts. We have no less than eight voices discussing which are their top 5 Millennium episodes of all time, and more importantly why!

So enjoy part 1 - expect some favourites, and a few titles that may surprise you! Join myself, Troy, Peter, Peter, Fredrick, Robin, Brian, Adam and Anthony for the ultimate Millennium debate! Do you agree? Let us know!

If you can't see the above player, or the player refuses to play ball (as can happen on IE browsers), you can download the MP3 here, or sign-up and download from ITunes - search for "Millennium Group Sessions".

1 Response to "Millennial Group Sessions 27: Top Five Fan Panel Part 1"

Dixon said... July 30, 2010 at 7:29 PM

It was a great pleasure taking part in this podcast, and it's a great pleasure to be a part of the Back to Frank Black team! Thanks, as every, for all your hard work, guys.

And, I have to say, I very much appreciate my new middle name.

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