Lance is on Facebook!

Lance Henriksen has set up an official Facebook page. This is the official deal. Lance is thrilled with the response it has so far, and is enjoying reaching out and connecting with those who have enjoyed him as an actor and his work.

He's put soundbytes up so any sceptics can be sure this is the man and not someone pretending to be him (as has happened before on the social networking site).

This Facebook fanpage will be updated regularly. Lance is looking forward to hearing from fans and will keep people posted with his work as well as post some pretty exclusive stuff from his long career.

As you know, he's a big supporter of Millennium's revival and works very much for to motivate this campaign. Any support you can give Lance is support for Millennium - if this campaign has proved anything at all, it is that Lance wants Frank Black back! Millennium actor Barry Levy has placed the video he did for BacktoFrankBlack on the page. Lance was thrilled to see it!

Click here to be sent to the page! You'll need to be a Facebook member to post.

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