Millennium Movie Poster Project: The Winners!

Well, the time is now. We are now extremely excited to reveal the winners of the Millennium Movie Poster Project! We're doing this in style too, as we exclusively bring together judges Lance Henriksen, Klea Scott and Mark Snow for an extra special podcast to discuss their choices. And you can listen to that right here.

Also summing up those deliberations, we have another stylish video from the wonderful Joselyn Rojas, so you can see those winning designs once again. Enjoy!

Congratulations, then, to our worthy overall winners. And yes, as Lance also revealed in the podcast, everyone who entered is a winner with this competition, and that somehow seems apt. We've also updated the Gallery Showcase to credit all the artists too, as promised, so be sure to go back and take another look at their work.

So all that's left is for Brian A. Dixon and I to thank everyone for taking part: from our top three winners to all the other entrants, to Lance, Klea and Mark for taking the time to consider and discuss them, and Lance in particular for also providing such great prizes, to Joselyn for all the snazzy visuals she provided to accompany the project, and of course to James and Troy for co-ordinating people behind the scenes, as always.

It's been huge fun and also a tantalising glimpse into so many incarnations that a Millennium movie could take, and everyone here at Back to Frank Black will be sure to bring you further such exciting projects very, very soon...

2 Responses to "Millennium Movie Poster Project: The Winners!"

Anonymous said... September 27, 2010 at 2:51 PM

congratulations to the winners!
those three were my favourites as well, so i'm happy they were chosen.
what a luxury to have Klea, Mark and Frank for a chat!
bravo to everyone involved.

Brian A. Dixon said... September 27, 2010 at 5:45 PM

Congratulations to Christopher, Jussi, and Terri! And a big thank you to all of the artists who participated--not to mention Lance, Klea, and Mark! Everyone put an incredible amount of work into this project and it shows in the final entries. All of the artists should be proud of their work.

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