December 1st: B2FB Auction begins!

Back to Frank Black Charity Auction of Millennium and related memorabilia on behalf of Children of the Night.

The Back To Frank Black Charity Auction begins on
DECEMBER 1st 2010

This auction will be presented on eBay with five items being auctioned over a seven day period at a time.

ALL money raised from this auction will be donated to the registered charity Children of the Night, a group that fights to get children out of child prostitution.

Back to Frank Black have worked alongside some of the cast and crew of the TV show Millennium to produce unique and original items to be sold off to help this charity.

Some of over 20 items include:

• Sheet music of Millennium theme signed by Mark Snow
Millennium crew hat signed by Glen Morgan
• Lance Henriksen's script for the movie The Quick and the Dead
• The complete series of Space: Above and Beyond on DVD signed by
creator Glen Morgan, lead actress Kristen Cloke and actor James Morrison
Millennium Season Two box set signed by producers Glen Morgan and James
Wong, writer Darin Morgan and actress Kristen Cloke
Near Dark DVD signed by actor Lance Henriksen

A full list of available items will be provided closer the start of the first auctions.

"Like" the Facebook Back to Frank Black Auction group for up-to-the-minute details!

For all enquires email:

Further details on Children of the Night
can be found on their website:

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