Make or Break: Podcast update!

Just an update on the Frank Spotnitz, Lance Henriksen and Chris Carter interview we had scheduled to record today - the interview has been delayed due to some unforeseen difficulties and Chris was unavailable. We're hoping to reschedule this week. All parties are still eager to take part, so no worrying!

On a very positive note, Lance and Frank took this opportunity to have a chat together about the show, their work and the show's future. It was a very encouraging and exciting moment. Both love the show and the concept. Both are aware of the hurdles and challenges. Both would love to see the concept taken further.

We will let you guys know when the reschedule is - we aim to meet the same release date if possible, but given you've all jumped on this event with such interest it seemed inappropriate not to keep you all up to date with what's going on.

The response to this interview from readers of this page has been enormous. We've had to whittle down the possible questions we could use through three drafts for it to be even near manageable and we know even that set probably won't get used in its entierity. You've all been an invaluable resource for preparing this event and we thank you for that. We will keep you posted!

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Unknown said... January 24, 2011 at 5:34 PM

2/3 is better than most scientific odds LOL:) Difficult to align 3 busy spinning'll happen! We have patience! Thanks for all you do B2FB, and Lance Henriksen, et al too!

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