FB4FX: Big update!

With Thomas J. Wright week firmly and rather successfully in the can, we felt it was time to bring you the very latest on the campaign to bring Frank Black to FX!

First off -- and most importantly -- we've been in contact with people at FX as a direct result of the letter campaign. This means that within a mere couple of weeks of sending letters, your voices have been heard! I think this shows just how important each and every one of you are to the campaign and to Frank Black, so a huge thank you to all that have written in thus far. Having consulted with a very helpful contact at FX as well as those wise men from the Millennium fold, we believe we are now in a better position to move the campaign on a stage further.

But only with your further help.

As a result of the discussions and advice we have received, we are now going to aim the campaign simultaneously at both FX and FOX. And that means we will need double your support! Again, I think recent events have proven that we can rely on that. Within a few weeks of the campaign to FX going live and even whilst we are still working behind the scenes too with this new focus, we received contact from FX about the influx of mail arriving on Ms Woodrow's desk. You made that happen. You, the consumer. In an age where social technology is putting the consumer more in control -- with DVDs sales, rentals, online streaming and the like -- your voices now hold the capability to be heard in more and more ways than ever before.

To explain the shift in focus in a little more detail, based on the advice and experience of our Millennium colleagues and recommendations from FX, we will be asking you to send your letters to a couple of different destinations. FX have a policy regarding unsolicited mail sent directly to individuals that means they do not necessarily receive the most attention. However, letters send to a specific mailbox location are collated and reviewed on a regular basis with their executives, specifically where many letters are received on a single subject. So if everyone reading this writes to the PO Box we list below for FX, with the same subject and in the same polite, thoughtful and intelligent tone that we know we can naturally expect from Millennium fans, those letters will make a very real difference and your voices will be heard.

At the same time, FOX still own the rights to Millennium and Frank Black and so we will be adding focus there too. By asking you to write to both FX and FOX simultaneously, we hope to encourage interest at FX such that they will go to "Mama" FOX and show their interest in the concept, interest that in turn will be further validated by your feedback to FOX.

In summary, we are looking at you guys and girls once again to really make a difference here. And additionally in the next few weeks we will be asking yet more of you! We will be on the look-out for avid Millennium and Lance fans to help us prove that interest is out there by recording and otherwise documenting your own interest and that of other fans at meetings, conventions, book signings... and pretty much anywhere there is a gathering of people who would want Frank Black back! More on that, with some all important dates and locations, in the coming days and weeks.

Here for now are the two new addresses - how to help us is explained below. We do appreciate the effort taken in sending letters -- especially by those of you who have already written to FX one or more times -- but as you have already proven it does yield results, so never doubt that! And with the social technology of the internet here binding us all together we have a big, big advantage in co-ordinating all our interest in this big push for the long awaited return of Frank Black!

How to help:
The addresses for both FOX and FX are both directed through the same PO Box. This may initially sound a bit mad, particularly if you've not worked at a large corporation. It's essentially a sorting house, so it is VITAL that you clearly mark both letters distinctly! Given letters are initially sorted, please do not use one envelope for both campaign letters! We need the letter drive to be clearly labelled and consistent throughout!

Letter 1:
TV Publicity
P.O. Box 900
Beverly Hills,
CA 90213-0900
Letter templates (if desired)
FOX Letter PDF format (print and sign)
FOX Letter doc format (modify, print and sign)

Letter 2:
Letter to FX:
FX Network
Att: Programming
P.O. Box 900
Beverly Hills,
CA 90213-0900
Letter templates (if desired)
FX Letter PDF format (print and sign)
FX Letter doc format (modify, print and sign)

(website will be updated with these new templates shortly)

For the sake of two postage stamps, you could be making double the difference!

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