Not Remotely Dead Letters

There's a lot going on here at Back to Frank Black of late: fan panels, impending blogathons and the imminent publication of Lance's autobiography amongst them, with yet more to come. But whilst we hope you will all continue to savour and enjoy this content along with us, we also hope that it will only reinforce your resolve rather than distract you from our shared main mission: the return of Frank Black to our screens! And for that, above all else we still need you to keep sending those letters. Here's the man himself, Lance Henriksen, to remind you why:

With that in mind, here are those all-important details once again. We have pre-written PDF letters for both FX and FOX that you just need to print and sign, and also Word versions, again for both FX and FOX, should you wish to personalise your pleas. Please do "double up" and send your missives, in whatever form, to both FX and FOX, as this approach--as two-pronged as an ouroboros' tongue--is the one that will earn us the most attention with the people that can finally bring back Frank Black. Full details can be found on our letters page. And thanks, as always, to each and every one of you for your ongoing support.

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