Contact the stars! Your chance to interview EDDIE SCARPINO GIANNINI!

BackToFrankBlack is pleased to announce another interview with a member of the Millennium cast. Jon Polito, Eddie Scarpino Giannini of Omerta, will be speaking to the team shortly, not only about his contribution to that episode but his considerable career before and after Millennium.

We are always eager to include you good people in our efforts as much as we can, this is your campaign as well as ours and we value all your messages, emails and suggestions. If you have a question you would like us to put to Jon, then contact us at or leave your question here in our comments section. Remember to include your name if you would like us to read it out during the interview.

Tonight's essential viewing? Omerta of course, dig out those much used DVDs and treat yourself to one of Millennium's most heart warming episodes, don't forget, get thinking of questions for Jon and let us know your thoughts!

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