The fans' love for Millennium goes SKIN DEEP!

Now we know you Millennium fans are devoted individuals, our blog is testament to the energy and passion you guys have for the franchise. Some of you as gone as far as to make Millennium a very permanent part of your lives by enduring the needle in order to leave an indelible part of the show forever on your person.

Trust_no1, one of our many hundreds of supporters from Myspace, sent us yet another example of how far you good will people will go to celebrate Millennium.

If there are any more inked fans out there, do get in touch with us, we love seeing these as do the fans and if any of you are at a loss as to how to join the campaign trail and proudly sport a Millennium tattoo of your own, how about sending a photograph of your tattoo to the usual address with a polite call for a Millennium movie.

Till then, keep your letters, photographs, emails and more besides coming. We love to hear from you, whatever the subject but, more importantly, send those letters! Let's bring Frank Black back, now!

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