Seven and One: Andrew M

I wasn't sure whether I should divulge the last name of this "candidate", so I figured best to keep his identity ambiguous, in part from courtesy, in part because it's just so 'conspiracy' - I love it! So enjoy another snippet from the Millennium fan repository. Seven and One!

1. My name is Andrew and I am 40 years old. I have been a sci-fi fan for 35+ years. I am proud to say that it was watching Millennium that eventually got me into the X-Files, not the other way around! I think it is the aspect of good and evil that keeps this show as one of my all-time favorites. "Somehow Satan..." is a mirror image of C.S Lewis' "The Screwtape letters!" I think it was Kingdom Come that was the first episode I saw that drew me into watching the show. I actually got into Millennium by seeing it on the FX channel when I got home from work after midnight. MIllennium in the dark...yeah!

2. Most horrifying moment, hmmm... I would have to say a toss up between the end of Lamentation in the yellow house, and the end of (the world!) The Time Is Now.

3. Favorite quote. Having watched Paper Dove recently , "It's not the beef," jokingly comes to mind! I like Frank's lines in the end of Exogesis where he talks about the world being covered in a robe of white churches and someone seeing a different future.

4. I find myself singing along with "As Long As I'm Singing." The theme song so serious! Good-Bye Charlie is kind of catchy as well. Favorite episodes: Fouce Majeure, Maranatha, Beware of the Dog, Luminary, TEOTWAWKI, Seven and One. I can't pick just one! I also find that I like certain episodes more now than I did 10 years ago, and vice-versa.

5. I guess one's spiritual stance would make one choose between psychic or prophetic, at least in the second and third seasons. "Gift" was a great was to describe it.

6. The end of Luminary has a nice richness to it. I also like Frank saying "He is coming soon" in Russian in Maranatha and then having a white fade-out instead of the usual black.

7. As far as a movie goes, I would like to see something that points towards an apocalyptic event, where Frank is able to thwart off part of something evil, but that there is still some greater evil to come, so that it instills in the viewer that people must be prepared and be strong for what is to come, not sit back like mindless sheep. There are some neat ideas that could be expanded on from the virtual fourth season.....good reading!

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1 Response to "Seven and One: Andrew M"

Adam Chamberlain said... June 30, 2010 at 2:22 PM

Always interesting to read these, not least for the variety of responses they prompt. That in itself is, I guess, testament to the breadth of Millennium's appeal and content.

I say that, but having just been perusing these questions for myself, I find I concur with a number of your responses, Andrew "M". Especially good to see shout outs for "Luminary" and "The Time Is Now". Thanks for sharing!

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