Coming soon... Top 5 Millennium Panel!

Back to Frank Black has been in the process of pooling another panel session and we can finally announce the details.

We'll be recording a panel on the Top 5 Episodes of Millennium -- a concept we've looked at in previous podcasts that proved popular listening. This time we've pulled together six other voices to join the woody, deep timbre of Troy Foreman and the Bertie Wooster stuttering of myself.

Joining us will be Robin Strickler, a big Millennium fan with a decade worth of radio experience -- so I have no doubt she will have no problems in explaining her top five! Back to Frank Black follower and Millennium fan Peter McKiernan will also be joining us. Blog followers will have read Peter's thoughts on Millennium in his Seven and One a while back. A couple of familiar voices will be joining us again: Fredric Fitz and Peter Holstrom will be back to give you more of their opinions. And finally, both myself and Troy are rather thrilled to have two names of great significance to Millennium fandom, Millennial Abyss and Fourth Horseman Press runners Brian A. Dixon and Adam Chamberlain, joining us!

The Millennial Abyss was one of the major resources of Millennium in its day, and it remains just as pertinent now. It's a website that nurtured both my own and Troy's interest in Millennium along side our brothers at TIWWA.

So, as you can imagine, we're very excited about this upcoming podcast. Watch out for it and several other great Millennium interviews that will be heading your way exclusively from!

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