Millennium Movie Poster Project: Gallery Showcase Day Two

Welcome to Day Two of the Millennium Movie Poster Project Gallery Showcase and three more posters from amongst our competition entries.

Christopher Brielmaier

The first image here is reminiscent of one of the teaser posters that helped launch Millennium whilst very much retaining its own visual identity and hinting at a brand new mystery.

Up next is a photographic-based offering that calls to mind the bold imagery from the show's opening credits sequence. It also features and expands upon some familiar phraseology and bills a headline cast which hints that Peter Watts is alive and well!

Anneka Evans

And finally a simple but no less effective composition - the only one today to feature an image of Frank Black himself, no less! - boldly announcing the return of everyone's favourite criminal profiler.

Gregory Fugate

Be sure to check back again tomorrow when we'll be featuring three more posters!

All works are the property of the respective artist

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