Millennium Movie Poster Project: Winners Announcement Coming Soon!

We're planning a very special announcement for the winners of the Millennium Movie Poster Project, in the form of a podcast no less, featuring our judges Lance Henriksen, Klea Scott and Mark Snow revealing their choices. Schedules allowing, that should happen over the next week or so, and we'll post it here just as soon as we can thereafter.

Do rest assured that the results are in, the prizes signed and ready to be shipped and that we're just keeping you in suspense for a little while longer for the sake of what will be an exciting revelation of all the winners. So watch out for that special podcast right here at Back to Frank Black very, very soon.

1 Response to "Millennium Movie Poster Project: Winners Announcement Coming Soon!" said... September 19, 2010 at 1:12 PM

Can't wait. I love the podcasts, and all the posters were outstanding. Looking fwd to this : )

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