Worldwide Fan Project Update!

Thank for those who are sending in the videos. We've seen more coming in these past few days and I'd like to thank those who have sent.

An apology for those in the past 12 hours who have tried and had a mailbox exceeded message -- this is from video files overloading our mailbox!

The mailbox is clear, so please try sending again to

If this happens again, please send to as an alternative!

These fan messages are vital to the campaign. It is a way of showing FOX the diversity of fans from across the world who support the return of Frank Black. If we can, we'll be seeing if Lance will do one for us, too. So, if you want your face in a video along with the man himself, you're a ten minute job away from doing just that!

Just use a cellphone to record a five second message of yourself saying "This Is Who We Are", then send it to your computer (unless your cell is brilliant enough to send a video file to an email address) and email to the above addresses!

This is a way for you guys to get really involved in this campaign. This is your voice and your face speaking for what you want! Don't miss this opportunity!

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