BacktoFrankBlack Worldwide Fan Project begins!

We've been putting out feelers this week and the response has been very strong. This idea is inspired, in fact suggested, by Avi and Tiffany at -- and we think it would be great for Millennium.

We want to do a video depicting Millennium fans from across the world coming together to be seen in one piece of footage, highlighting the diversity of fans, the sheer scope of the show's following -- even a decade on -- and giving the fans a rather unique way to be heard.

So what do we want from you?

We want short clips of you guys, whoever you are, wherever you are. We want you saying a simple catchphrase:

"This Is Who We Are"

If you can do the clip in front of a landmark or something, that's really cool. If you live in London, Big Ben would be awesome, or the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It's not a mandatory requirement, but anything that gives the viewer an idea of where you come from would be awesome.

You don't have to say it in English. If you wish to say it in your native tongue, that could be cool. Essentially we want faces and voices to represent Millennium and the people who believe The Time Is Now for it to return.

These clips will be put together by Joselyn's nimble digital fingers.

  • Video files should be in avi or mpeg formats.
  • Clip should be no longer than 20 seconds.
  • Submissions will remain open until November 14th 2010.
  • "This Is Who We Are" is what we want you to say on film.
  • Ensure you add a name and location for us to credit you if your submission is used.
This project is as vital to the campaign as it is fun. This montage of voices can be used to show that we've not just got fans behind Frank Black's return but fans who are interested enough in the character to take the time to do something special. That's worth far more than any petition. And yes, this video will be used in conjunction with the campaign's approach to Fox. If you want to help bring Frank Black back, this is the way!

This is important stuff and we need as many submissions as possible! So spread the word! Any questions, throw them on the comments and we'll reply as soon as we can. Let's get to work!

Please note we cannot guarantee that all submissions sent to us will be used in the final product.

2 Responses to "BacktoFrankBlack Worldwide Fan Project begins!"

Dominik said... September 23, 2010 at 10:05 AM

How cool is that? It's a great idea and I will spread the word via my Lance Henriksen website. Let's see if there are others like me who want to be part of this project.

"This is who we are." or in German "Das ist es was wir sind."

Ryan D said... September 30, 2010 at 9:20 PM

I love this idea! I would do it, but I'm pretty sure my ZOOM only makes .movs Anyone know how/where to get a converter?

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